Local waste exhaustors


Welcome to Ventur Tekniska Sweden, Ventur Oy Finland and Venture Industries Poland The group is a significant supplier of industrial fans with great innovation ability and 40 years of experience. With modern production facilities and advanced technology we can satisfy our customers’ needs, no matter if it is standard or customized solutions.
Many customers give us their trust to supply them with total machinery solutions, where the fan is one component.
Extractors : One kind of product including a fan from our range is our extractors. Our WS local waste exhauster is designed for removing dusts, gases and solid particles from metals, wood and plastics processing machines, sand-blasting systems, concrete grinders and polishers, and more. It can also be used also as an industrial vacuum cleaner or a device for collecting granulates. The local waste exhauster is suitable for continuous work. Our chip extractors are designed for removing fine chips formed on processing wood and plastics. The extractor can be connected directly to a machine by a flexible hose. Small weight dimensions and castors provided in the base plate facilitate relocation of the extractor. Chips are collected in a plastic bag that easily can be detached and disposed of along with its content. Ventur portable ZWP is suitable for applications for transport of material and polluted air systems. Typical applications are local exhaust systems, dehumidifiers, drying systems, ventilation of industrial premises, warehouses, sink basins, cooling systems in various machines, combustion gases exhausting systems and more. : Extractors
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